Top 12 Mother’s Day Gift Box and Bundling Ideas

Mother’s Day is an occasion to celebrate the most important woman in our lives – our mothers. Every year, on the second Sunday of May, we honor mothers, grandmothers, and mother figures for their unconditional love, care, and sacrifice. We show our appreciation by giving them thoughtful and meaningful gifts. 

If you’re an ecommerce store looking for bundling ideas or are someone looking for a gift for your mother, this article is all you need. This year, give your mother the perfect gift according to her interests and personality. 

Top 12 gift bundle ideas for Mother’s Day

Bundles allow you to give a thoughtful and personalized gift that is tailored to your mother’s interests and hobbies. Here are 12 gift bundle ideas for Mother’s Day that will inspire you to give the perfect gift.

Spa-themed gift baskets

A spa-themed gift basket is a perfect gift for a mom who needs some relaxation and self-care. Here are three spa-themed gift baskets that will make her feel pampered and refreshed. If you’re a store owner that sells personal care products, you can absolutely try a bundle like the ones here.

1. Lavender spa gift basket


The Lavender Spa Gift Basket is perfect for mothers who enjoy the soothing scent of lavender. This gift basket includes bath bombs, shower gel, body lotion, and other spa essentials.

2. Magnolia floral gift set


The Magnolia Collective Spa Gift Basket is an excellent gift for mothers who love luxury spa products. This gift basket includes a luxurious bathrobe, scented candles, body scrubs, and other spa essentials. The Magnolia Collective also offers customization options for a truly personalized gift.

3. Just Breathe spa gift set


The Just Breathe Spa Gift Set is perfect for mothers who need a reminder to take a deep breath and relax. This gift set includes a calming essential oil blend, a diffuser bracelet, and a lavender-scented candle.

Food and beverage gift sets

If your mom loves food and beverages, consider giving her a gift set that will satisfy her taste buds. From gourmet coffee to wine and cheese, here are three food and beverage gift sets that will impress your mom.

4. Gourmet coffee gift set


The Gourmet Coffee Gift Set is perfect for mothers who love coffee. This gift set includes a variety of gourmet coffee blends, a French press, and a coffee mug.

5. Wine gift basket


The Wine Gift Basket is perfect for mothers who appreciate a good glass of wine. This gift basket includes a bottle of wine, a selection of cheeses and crackers, and other wine-themed items.

6. The milk bar sampler


The Milk Bar Sampler is perfect for mothers who love sweets. This gift set includes a selection of Milk Bar’s famous desserts, such as crack pie and birthday truffles.

Unique gift sets

If you want to give your mother a gift that stands out, consider a unique gift set that matches her interests. From gardening to fitness, here are three unique gift sets that your mom will love.

7. HeritageBeeFarm gift basket from The Hive


The HeritageBeeFarm Gift Basket From the Hive is perfect for mothers who love gardening or honey. This gift basket includes a selection of honey-based products, beeswax candles, and skincare items.

8. SkyeSportswear women’s fitness box


The SkyeSportswear Women’s Fitness Box is perfect for fitness enthusiast mothers. This gift set includes a variety of fitness items, such as resistance bands, a workout towel, and a water bottle.

9. NaturalSucculents Pamper Box


The NaturalSucculents Pamper Box offers a beautiful blend of self-care items in a single box. For mothers that love lavender, this box is the perfect gift set. It has a lavender candle, shea butter, and some lavender-flavored dark chocolate, and it all balances out with earl grey tea. 

Personalized and customizable gifts

Personalized and customizable gifts show that you put in extra effort to make the gift unique and special for your mom. Here are three gift sets that will allow you to add a personal touch.

10. Belle & Bush Mother’s Day box


If pre-built gift boxes are what you want, Belle & Bush’s customizable gift box is a great choice. From the packaging to the products inside the box—it lets you choose the gifts and a customized card to add to the gift box. It also lets you choose a sticker to add to the box giving it a more personalized look and feel. 

11. GEMLY custom jewelry boxes


Jewelry is a woman’s best friend. And what’s a better Mother’s Day gift can there be than a set of custom-picked necklaces or rings? GEMLY allows customers to create custom gift boxes through a simple step-by-step process giving customers a choice at each step. 

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12. Personalized etched glass 

If your mother appreciates a good drink after a tiring day, give her a personalized etched glass with a custom message. Whenever she sits down for a drink the next time, this gift will remind her of the time she spent with you. 

Treat your mom to the perfect gift set this Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, give your mom the perfect gift set that shows her how much you appreciate everything she does. From self-care and relaxation gift sets to gift sets for trying new things, there’s something for every type of mom. Don’t forget to include a personalized note to make your gift even more special.

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