Pure Bundling: 5 Tips for Creating The Perfect Pure Bundles

Do you want to drive more sales and customer satisfaction in your Shopify store? Pure bundling is an excellent product bundling strategy that can help you do just that! Studies show that 10-30% of ecommerce revenue comes from product bundling — one major reason why every ecommerce business should consider bundling. 

With this guide, you’ll learn how to set up pure bundling in your store, maximize customer satisfaction and retention, and leverage pure bundling to your advantage. Let’s get started on your journey to success!

What is pure bundling in ecommerce?

Pure bundling is a product bundling strategy where companies bundle multiple products and services into one package that cannot be purchased separately. This type of bundling offers customers convenience, as they can purchase all the items at once without having to shop around for each item individually. 

It allows businesses to increase their sales by offering discounts on packages compared with buying individual items; this encourages more people to buy because they perceive greater value in purchasing the combined package instead of just an individual product or service. 

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Pure bundling also gives companies leverage when setting prices since buyers are locked into taking everything offered within the bundle rather than cherry-picking certain elements from different providers – resulting in cost savings for them.

For example. HelloFresh uses pure bundled subscriptions to increase repeat purchases, offer convenience to customers, and sell more products. 

Since a bundled offering is difficult to compare with individual offers, customers are less likely to compare prices at different stores. This gives you the opportunity to sell at higher margins while still making the perceived value of your products higher than selling individually. 

Let’s look at some more advantages of pure bundling. 

Advantages of pure bundling 

When a company uses pure bundling, it can offer customers products and services that they may not have considered before. This can help the company increase its sales volume and market share in a competitive industry. There are many advantages to pure bundling:

1. Increased sales

Pure bundling can be a great way to increase sales, as it encourages customers to buy multiple items in one purchase. By offering discounted prices on bundles of related products or brands, you are giving customers an incentive to purchase more than they would have otherwise. 

Consider the above example of Dollar Shave Club. They offer the Post Shave Dew Trial size for $3 but the entire shaving kit for $6. Since the offer adds more value for a lower price, customers will end up purchasing the bundle here. This will automatically increase the average order value (AOV) of the store — thus increasing profit margins. 

2. Increased customer satisfaction

Pure bundling can also improve customer satisfaction by offering a wider range of products and services in one package. This allows customers to find everything they need in one place, which can save time and make their shopping experience more convenient.  

Plus, by offering a discount on bundled products, the company is providing added value to its customers, which can make them more loyal to the brand and more likely to return in the future. Customers are also likely to appreciate the convenience that comes with being able to purchase multiple products at once rather than having to buy them individually. 

3. More value for money 

Pure bundling offers customers more value for money, as they are able to purchase multiple products or services at a discounted price. 

This is particularly beneficial for customers who regularly use the products or services that are included in the bundle, as they can save money by buying them in a bundle rather than individually. 

For example, AT&T Internet offers a bundle of cable TV, internet, and phone services at a lower price making it better value for money than individual purchases. This not only helps make things convenient for customers but also helps businesses because customers purchase more products.

4. Reduced costs

Selling bundles is not just beneficial in terms of increasing revenues and adding convenience to customers, it also saves costs for your business. When a customer purchases a product as a bundle, you automatically save costs on shipping and packaging.

Along with that, you also need to spend lesser money on marketing to reach the same revenue goals.

If you are targeting $50,000 in monthly revenues at an average order value (AOV) of $40, you’ll need 1250 sales a month. But if you leverage bundling and raise the AOV to $60, you reach the same revenue target with just 833 sales.

Because you now need much fewer sales, you can save on marketing costs without impacting your revenue negatively.

5. Enhanced product differentiation

When a company offers bundles, they immediately stand out from the rest because the value of a bundle is difficult to compare. Suppose you sell men’s t-shirts — you know there are thousands of competitors offering the same category of products.

If you begin offering pure bundles so customers can only buy complete sets, you immediately differentiate your store from the rest. While you may lose out on single-item sales, customers now remember your brand. And the ones who prefer the convenience of shopping the look will turn towards your brand instead of looking around.

And on Shopify stores, setting up product bundles is very easy — just install BoxBuilder and create your product bundles.

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5 tips for creating irresistible pure bundles

Creating irresistible pure product bundles needs to be approached strategically in order to ensure that customers get the most value out of their purchases. By following certain tips and tricks, you can create bundles that are sure to entice buyers and keep them coming back for more. Let’s discuss some tips for creating irresistible pure product bundles.

1. Choose complementary products

When creating a bundle, make sure to select products that are complementary and work well together. This will help ensure that customers get the most value out of their purchase by providing them with items they’ll use in unison instead of having to buy multiple individual items separately. 

This means choosing products that have a similar target audience, complement each other in terms of use or function, or are often purchased together. McDonald’s has a solid reputation for bundling the right products together — especially the well-known meals. Adding fries and coke to a burger at a discount makes it a no-brainer offer to customers. 

2. Offer a bundle discount

Customers are more likely to purchase a bundle if they feel like they are getting a good value. This means offering a bundle that has a lower price than if the products were purchased individually. You can accomplish this by offering a discount on the bundle, or by including additional products or bonuses that add value.

For example, ColorPop sells an eye and lip makeup set that contains multiple products with a total value of $62. But if purchased together, they offer a discount on that total value. 

As you can see, the set costs $48, a $14 saving on the overall value of the products. But if the customer had visited the store to buy only one or two of the products, they may end up spending more looking at the value offered by this set. This is how ecommerce businesses leverage bundles to increase average order value without making it seem expensive. 

3. Make the bundle more exclusive

Only listing your product bundles can already help with increasing the average order value. But what if you could also make the bundles exclusive? 

There are many ways businesses add exclusivity to their products — it can be through giving the bundles away to email subscribers only, offering to members who spend over a certain amount, or asking customers to join your membership program. 

For example, let’s say Starbucks is offering a bundle of its popular coffee blends. The bundle includes a bag of their signature blend, a bag of their seasonal pumpkin spice blend, and a bag of their limited edition single-origin blend. 

To make the bundle exclusive, the store can offer the bundles to specific customers. Starbucks offers bundles and free products as part of its rewards program.

This creates a sense of exclusivity and can help to drive traffic to a specific channel or customer group — along with that, you also get access to a new group of customers that become loyal fans over the long run. 

4. Use attractive packaging

Attractive packaging can help to make the bundle feel more luxurious or special and can add to the experience of purchasing and using the products.

For example, this Etsy seller offers a beautiful cupcake box that looks like an oven. Cupcake sellers who use this box for delivering their product offer a memorable purchase experience, something that the buyers would like to share with their friends and family — thus giving you more customers through these referrals. 

And because the packaging is so well-done, there are people who are interested in buying the product for the box itself. 

So giving your packaging a revamped look can absolutely give your bundles an extra boost in conversions. 

5. Create unboxing videos

Creating unboxing videos can be a great way to show off your pure product bundles and highlight all the benefits and value that they offer. These videos can showcase the packaging and accessories included in the bundle, as well as demonstrate how the products can be used together. 

By creating engaging unboxing videos, you can give potential customers a closer look at what they can expect to receive when they purchase your product bundle, which can help increase interest and sales.

In addition to these tips, it’s important to carefully curate your product bundles to make sure that they offer a good mix of products that will appeal to your target audience. This can help ensure that your bundles are successful and help you build a loyal customer base. And most importantly, excellent customer service creates a positive brand image that not only makes them stick with your product, but also encourages them to spread the word — giving you more potential customers for free. 

Get more out of your store with pure bundling

If you’re looking for a way to increase sales and customer satisfaction in your Shopify store, pure bundling is an excellent product bundling strategy that can help you do just that! Offering irresistible pure product bundles on your Shopify store can not only increase revenues and customer satisfaction but also greatly improve retention. 

That’s why BoxBuilder — a powerful Shopify product bundling app — makes creating and managing bundling strategies easier than ever before. 

With this app, you can easily craft attractive and customizable bundles for your store that help you boost sales with minimal effort. Plus with its easy-to-use interface and analytics tools, you’ll be able to track performance metrics & optimize your bundling strategy in real time! 

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