The Complete Black Friday Marketing Checklist for 2023

From email marketing campaigns to engaging content, make the most of this holiday shopping season with innovative Black Friday marketing strategies.
The Complete Black Friday Marketing Checklist for 2023

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Do you have a Black Friday marketing strategy for the upcoming sale? Because this is a perfect opportunity to make more money. 

Last year, Shopify merchants made roughly $7.5 billion in sales, 12% more than in 2021. Small, big, medium: every type of business enjoyed the success. 

Black Friday is the most awaited holiday season. The allure of amazing discounts and irresistible deals entices all types of shoppers. But this day can soon give you stress rather than pleasure if you lack proper preparation.

This is where the Black Friday marketing strategy comes in! 

But you don’t have to worry about a thing. We are here with a comprehensive guide just for you. It has all the crucial points to help you set the stage for success. Let’s dive in!

Why Preparing Ahead Should Be A Priority? Black Friday Marketing Strategy 

Early planning is crucial because it helps attract your target customers. You can rest assured that everything will go on without a glitch. Also, proper planning leads to a seamless shopping experience. It means happy customers, which further means more sales!

Remember, people love the Black Friday sale. Search volume for the keyword Black Friday shot up by 419% since last September. So, a well-thought-out deal with the right Black Friday marketing strategy can lead you to success.

25-Point Black Friday Marketing Checklist To Prepare Your Shopify Store 

This Black Friday marketing checklist is your best friend. It prevents any headaches or last-minute stress and lets you plan a foolproof marketing campaign! 

  1. Have Clear Goals 
Black Friday Marketing, Black Friday marketing strategy


Set your goals before you get sucked into planning and organizing the event.

When you know what you want to achieve, you can curate a plan accordingly. Think of it as a North Star for your entire marketing plan. It will guide you in the right direction. 

So, do you want to boost sales? Expand your consumer base? Improve brand visibility? Well, whatever the end game is, make sure they are well-defined now. 

  1. Segment Email List
Black Friday Marketing, Black Friday marketing strategy

Email marketing campaigns can do wonders. 69% of marketers use it to broadcast their content effortlessly. But to make it work, you must segment your email list. 

Divide your subscribers based on their preferences, shopping history, etc. It helps you send personalized messages that can make an impact. And when your Black Friday promotions resonate with each customer, success is yours!

  1. Create Beautiful Email Campaigns
Black Friday Marketing

Clever, witty, and engaging. Your email campaigns must be a mix of all that and more. While the design must be appealing, the content must also be attention-grabbing. From your subject lines to the CTAs, pay attention to each element. 

Your Black Friday marketing strategy must mirror the spirit of the event and induce tremendous excitement. 

  1. Alluring Social Media Posts
Black Friday Marketing

Today, there are  4.89 billion total social media users worldwide. So, creating social media posts must be a crucial point in your Black Friday marketing strategy. 

Just like with email marketing, your social media posts must be engaging. They must be visually appealing with crisp and attractive content. 

You can come up with a social media plan to build anticipation. From releasing the teaser of the upcoming events to quick insights on the deals, there is so much you can do. 

  1. Plan Paid Ad Campaigns
Black Friday Marketing

Paid ads are excellent. When you execute them well, they help increase web traffic by 28%. So, if you have the necessary budget, make it a crucial part of your Black Friday marketing strategy. 

Paid campaigns bring you immediate results and reach a wider audience. However, your ad copies must excite the audience enough to take the next step! 

  1. Curate Exciting Promo Graphics
Black Friday Marketing

When planning a Black Friday marketing strategy, include promo graphics. From website banners to social media covers, you must design eye-catching visuals that tell the whole story in seconds. 

Your graphics must be top-quality. Anything below that adversely affects your credibility. So, have a plan. Create a list of all the promo graphics you need, and tackle them accordingly. 

  1. Prepare Blog Content
Black Friday Marketing

Content is still the king!

Blogs help you connect with your customers like no other! Today, 76% of content marketers use it to generate leads. So, create valuable content pieces that captivate your shoppers. From product information to insights, there is so much to write about. 

Use your blogs to build a sense of excitement and educate your customers about all the deals and offers. 

  1. Create Irresistible Offers 
Black Friday Marketing

While planning your Black Friday marketing strategy, you must also pay attention to the kind of offers you are creating.

If the offer is just meh, all your efforts go down the drain. You need jaw-dropping discounts, exclusive bundles, and irresistible deals. Let your creativity flow. You can always use top apps like Box Builder to help you out.

The deals you create must attract your customers and encourage them to purchase. Great offers mean great profit! 

  1. Schedule Social Posts
Black Friday Marketing

As aforementioned, creating a social media plan and getting all the posts in order is a priority. But don’t wait for the actual day to post. 

What if you miss amidst all the hustle and bustle?

Instead, use technology to the fullest and schedule all your posts. It will ensure that all your promotional content will reach your audience at the right time. 

  1. Optimize Website’s SEO
Black Friday Marketing

A fully optimized website means you rank on top of the search engine. So, when anybody types keywords related to your products, your website will show up.

However, you must work on your SEO before the Black Friday sale to ensure search engines capture your website during D-day!

  1. Review Google Ads
Black Friday Marketing

Before you roll out your ads, review them quickly. You don’t want any errors hampering your campaign. 

Also, a quick run-through will let you check if the campaign created meets the end goal. If not,  make the necessary corrections. 

When creating a Black Friday marketing strategy, always schedule time for a review. Don’t push it towards the end. 

  1. Utilize Influencer Marketing
Black Friday Marketing

Today, influencers are real celebrities with a huge following. Over 80% of marketers have a dedicated budget for influencers. So, you can always collaborate with influencers whose content and ideas resonate with your brand. 

Create a Black Friday marketing strategy to leverage their credibility. It can help you make more money during the Black Friday sale and also expand your consumer base. 

  1. Launch Teaser Campaigns
Black Friday Marketing

Don’t push promotions to the last moment. Create intrigue with teasers of the Black Friday event. Give your audience a sneak peek at what’s to come.  

Build their enthusiasm so you know they will participate. For this, you can use social media, email marketing, and more. 

  1. Monitor Competitor Activity
Black Friday Marketing

We know you are busy with your Black Friday marketing strategy and the planning that goes with it. But check what your competitors are doing.

They may be coming up with exclusive ideas that the customers love. In that case, you may have to level up and put your best foot forward. 

  1. Implement Chat Support
Black Friday Marketing

Black Friday brings with it a huge rush. So, to enhance customer experience and ensure all their queries are immediately resolved, you can implement chat support. Today, 41% of customers prefer live chat over phone and email support.

Here, you can address all issues in real time and never miss out on a sale. You can initially test it out and implement it before the event.

  1. Test Checkout Process
Black Friday Marketing

Has it ever happened? You visited an online store. Made a purchase. But the lengthy checkout procedure made you abandon your card. 

It is quite common.  

When your checkout process is complex, customers may abandon the cart or move on to another vendor. So, make sure your website’s checkout process is seamless. Keep things easy. 

For instance, have multiple payment options or make sure registration is short. 

  1. Set Up Abandoned Cart Emails
Black Friday Marketing

Sometimes a reminder is all it takes to complete the purchase. So, include abandoned cart emails in your Black Friday marketing strategy. 

Create an automated email sequence to remind your shoppers to complete the purchase. If needed, you can offer additional incentives. 

  1. Verify Inventory Levels
Black Friday Marketing

This is Black Friday marketing strategy 101. Make sure your inventory is in order. Manage and track it accurately.

As you already know, Black Friday sales generate a rush of customers. So, you want to prevent overstocking or stockout issues. 

  1. Consider Free Shipping
Black Friday Marketing

If you are not someone who offers free shipping, Black Friday is the right time for this incentive. 24% of consumers would spend more money to qualify for free shipping. You can use free shipping to attract more customers as well. 

Make sure you highlight it in your promos, emails, and more to lure cost-conscious shoppers. 

  1. Prepare for Returns
Black Friday Marketing

Did you know? Last year, 13% of purchases during the holiday season were returned. So, be prepared. 

Update your return policy if necessary. Also, adjust logistics to accommodate an influx of post-sale returns. 

Always strive to provide a hassle-free return experience to build customer loyalty. 

  1. Check Security Measures
Black Friday Marketing

Before the Black Friday event, prioritize security. You must make sure your website is secure for your audience. It’s your job to keep their information safe. 

You can implement SSL, set up firewall protection, and more to help you out here!

  1. Analyze Analytics Data
Black Friday Marketing

Never go in blindly. It is a waste of your time and efforts. Always go through the insights to see what’s working and what isn’t so you can make the necessary improvements. When it comes to your Black Friday marketing strategy, always monitor the data.

  1. Thank-You Emails
Black Friday Marketing

Your customers are already experiencing the high of incredible deals and discounts. So, it is the right time for one more step to ensure they keep coming back. All you have to do is show appreciation to customers by sending thank-you emails after they make a purchase. Expressing gratitude can make their overall shopping experience excellent. It is a perfect Black Friday marketing strategy.

  1. Review Marketing ROI
Black Friday Marketing

Whether you indulged in paid marketing or maybe it was social media, you have spent time and effort on Black Friday marketing. Therefore, once you are done with the event, analyze it. 

See which platform did well and which didn’t. You can use this information to refine your future strategies. 

  1. Implement Retargeting Strategies
Black Friday Marketing

​​To make the Black Friday event a hit, you need as many customers as possible. Re-engage past visitors and customers through retargeting efforts. You can always use personalized offers to rekindle their interest and boost conversion rates during Black Friday.

Make Black Friday Success Yours With A Comprehensive Checklist!

Following the above Black Friday marketing strategy makes the entire process easy, ensuring you make the most of it. 

Black Friday sales are an excellent opportunity for you to churn high profits. It helps you meet your yearly goals almost effortlessly. 

From email marketing campaigns to engaging content, make the most of this holiday shopping season with innovative Black Friday marketing strategies. 

Remember, be organized and well-prepared. The aim should be to give your customers the best shopping experience. And it automatically boosts sales. Start planning today for a lucrative Black Friday!


How do I prepare for Black Friday marketing?

Preparing for Black Friday doesn’t have to be complicated. To help, we bring you a comprehensive Black Friday marketing strategy in the above article. It can help you come up with a perfect marketing plan for the upcoming sale effortlessly. 

What do brands do for Black Friday?

During Black Friday, sellers offer significant discounts on a wide range of products. From TVs to mattresses, everything comes with a lucrative offer. 

How do you attract customers on Black Friday?

Proper planning and effective marketing strategies, such as making use of social media or PPC campaigns, can help. 

Is Black Friday a marketing scheme?

While Black Friday is a strategic plan, customers can benefit from the significant discounts. It’s a win-win situation for both retailers and shoppers! 

What should I advertise for Black Friday?

You can advertise the deals and all the products at discounts for the Black Friday Sale. However, make it exciting and enticing. 

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