7 of the Best Print-on-Demand Niches for Your Business

Discover lucrative print-on-demand niches for Shopify success. Explore unique products in health, holidays, gaming, pets, humor, and more with Box Builder.

Why chase inventory when you can easily set up a customizable print-on-demand Shopify store with little overhead?

With so many possibilities, though, understanding print-on-demand niches is key to effectively target an audience and drive sales. Box Builder explores seven popular and profitable POD niches to consider for your Shopify venture.

Stake Your Ecommerce Claim in the Best-Selling Print-on-Demand Niches

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of how to find a good niche for print-on-demand, let’s explore why having a niche is at the core of your Shopify store’s success.

Trying to be everything for everyone rarely works in modern business. Having a specific niche not only helps you create targeted marketing strategies but also establishes you as an authority in that particular space.

With the smorgasbord of online product options available, consumers prefer stores that understand how to forge genuine connections with them and their passions, making the best-selling print-on-demand niches a powerful tool for inspiring customer loyalty.

Now, let’s break down seven of the best-selling print-on-demand niches for Shopify businesses.

1. Health & Wellness: Wearable Motivation

Apparel is one of the best selling print-on-demand niches.

Experiencing a massive surge in popularity, health and wellness have become more than just trends; they’re a way of life. Shoppers are becoming increasingly health-conscious, making products catering to fitness and nutrition one of the best low-competition niches for print-on-demand.

You can design T-shirts, mugs, and posters with inspirational quotes and slogans related to themes like healthy lifestyles, yoga, and meditation. Printing informational guides as e-books or printable PDF handouts is another great product idea. Other options include workout gear like leggings and sports bras with trendy or funny fitness quotes.

If you use eco-friendly materials, highlight your products’ sustainability. After all, customers are more likely to trust a brand that aligns with their values.

2. Holidays & Special Occasions: Celebrate Every Moment

The joy of giving and celebrating special moments is always in season. Festive seasons and special events create a year-round, evergreen print-on-demand niche with steady consumer demand.

Create designs that capture the spirit of various holidays and events. Think Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, retirement celebrations, and graduations. Then, think beyond mugs and shirts and offer custom blankets, canvases, cards, calendars, and ribbons. Personalization is key, so let customers add their touch to make their purchases unique.

Offer limited edition or seasonal collections to motivate shoppers to add your wares to their carts quickly while supplies last. You should also ensure on-time delivery during peak seasons and communicate shipping deadlines clearly to build customer trust and keep shoppers happy.

3. Video Games: Level Up Your Merchandise

The gaming industry is booming, whipping up a dedicated fan base eager to showcase their love for their favorite titles. Enter the world of video game-related print-on-demand products.

Design T-shirts, sweatshirts, and tank tops referencing popular games, characters, and memorable (and meme-able) dialogue. Hats, phone cases, notebooks, pins, and bookmarks are also great for gamers.

Look for opportunities to collaborate with geek culture influencers or gamers to promote your print-on-demand products. Influencer endorsements add credibility and position your brand as an authority in the gaming merchandise space. Stay current on gaming trends and release schedules for popular titles to ensure your Shopify store always has relevant designs. A strategically timed product launch can trigger a sales surge.

4. Pet Owners: Furry Friends Forever

Pet-related items are great print on demand niches.

As cherished family members who spread joy with their playful and loving nature, pets hold a special place in our hearts. Although pet owners love showering their furry friends with affection, pet owner print-on-demand niches are not only about animals; they’re about capturing people’s emotional connection with their pets.

Give pet parents print-on-demand products personalized with their animal’s name, photo, and details like birthday and breed. Picture frames, water bottles, bandanas, food bowls, and toys are in-demand wares beyond basic apparel.

Showcase your products’ quality by using pet-friendly materials. You can also consider collaborating with pet influencers or local animal shelters to build brand credibility.

5. Families and Couples: Bonding Through Apparel

Family and couple-themed merchandise taps into the bonds people share with their loved ones. From matching outfits to personalized items, this niche provides a wide range of possibilities.

Design matching print-on-demand shirts for siblings, parents, kids, grandparents, and grandchildren. For couples, wedding, engagement, dating, and anniversary themes could be appropriate. Besides apparel, offer custom canvases, calendars, photo albums, blankets, mugs, and ornaments.

Let families know your products are durable and comfy enough to endure even the most epic family trips. Also, share customer stories and testimonials to reinforce your brand’s credibility. 

6. Humor and Internet Memes: LOL-Worthy Merchandise

Laughter brings people together, and humor never goes out of style. With the internet humor and memes niche, there’s always fresh viral content and trends to tap for ideas for irresistible print-on-demand products.

Set up a Shopify store featuring funny shirts, mugs, buttons, magnets, and stickers referencing viral memes, animal humor, or sarcastic phrases. Engage with your social media audience and meme culture, and encourage customers to share user-generated content.

7. Hobby-Related Niches: Pursuing Passions

Hobbies might be a low competition niche for print on demand.

From scrapbooking and quilting to fantasy football and baking, having a dedicated creative outlet is a new form of self-care. By sparking so much joy, the hobby niche presents the perfect opportunity to create quality products that help shoppers showcase their passions.

Design gear like aprons, journals, bags, hats, blankets, mugs, and shirts themed exclusively around a favorite hobby or collection. Don’t forget about local fan items that feature regional sports teams and college pride.

So customers feel pride whenever they sport your gear, ensure your designs are accurate for a specific hobby. For instance, if you design a state bird shirt for the birding community, depict the birds with the proper features, proportions, plumage, etc.   

Print Your Way to Ecommerce Success With Print-on-Demand Niches

Which of these seven print-on-demand niches do you resonate most with for your Shopify store?

Kickstart your print-on-demand journey and find your niche with custom bundles from Box Builder, trusted by DTC companies worldwide. With our app, you can launch a bundle in as little as five minutes. Learn more about our high-performing products by contacting a representative.

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